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Greetings and welcome to the Spaulding Memorial Guidance Counseling Page!

As the Spaulding Memorial School Guidance Counselor, it is my duty to assist students in
developing emotionally, socially and academically to the best of their ability. To foster
such growth I help teach and guide students to cultivate the skills necessary to make
their own positive and appropriate choices. I feel that much of this process begins in
the elementary years in terms of exploration, self-reflection, peer and adult
relationships, and academic achievement.

My time is not solely spent on direct service (one-to-one and group counseling), but also
on classroom observations, case management, classroom teaching, bus duty and lunch room
and recess monitoring. This visibility helps students to become familiar with me, to
build trust, and to feel comfortable in approaching me with concerns or issues.

Each and every child has the right to be safe at school to allow optimal learning and
growth to take place (this extends to transportation to and from school). Providing and
maintaining a safe and positive school environment is paramount for students' success.
Correspondingly, a focus on prevention is an easier and more efficient avenue through
which a positive educational climate may be received. Creating a safe and positive
school environment greatly depends on my collaboration with parents, teachers,
administrators, and outside community services and resources.

My primary role and responsibility will be to help, support and provide safety for all
students at Spaulding Memorial School. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate
to call me at 978-597-0380
x25. Have a great day!

Aaron VanDeKoppel, M.S.
Spaulding Memorial School Counselor

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